10-15% moisture content!

There are good reasons to make the switch to kiln dried firewood for the upcoming winter season.


Kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to burn hotter due to a much lower moisture content than air dried wood. Moisture levels in kiln dried wood are typically between 10-15%, ensuring that the burning process is easier to get started and to maintain, and that the fire is powerful and long lasting.


Indeed, kiln-dried wood is more energy efficient, which results in a better, stronger fire with less wood.  Kiln dried firewood gives off up to 35% more heat, an immediately noticeable difference.


There is an added cost for us to get the wood to a lower moisture level and so the end product is priced higher.  Personally we believe that over a typical winter period the extra cost can be offset by kiln logs producing more heat and so in a controlled fireplace, maybe a woodburner, you will see reductions in home heating bills and less logs being burnt.


Why not try a bag of kiln logs and see the benefits?