Some helpful facts

"I can't visualise 1m³ of logs."


Our standard log size is 8-10iches (20cm's) and our delivery trucks have two measured 1m³ bays.  So we find we average 250 logs per cubic metre.

We are seeing more orders for our 2m³ loads, it seems this lasts most of our customers through the winter and of course a double load is greater value for money.

Especially good value this season because we are including a bag of kiln dried kindling with all 2m³ (double) loads, that's a £5 saving.

"We currently have a 'dumpy' bag (also known as a builders or tonne bag) of logs delivered.  Is this a cubic metre?"


No.  A dumpy bag holds 0.6m³ and less than half a tonne of logs.


"Our customers are so often surprised how many logs they get."


Not all vehicles of the same type are the same size, and many log delivers use different vehicles.  Different wheel bases and manipulation of the load area are sadly used to confuse customers.  Our delivery trucks are flat bedded and we will always happily measure the load area before tipping it (have a calculator handy!).