A 200 year old tradition

For our wedding service, we dress up in traditional Sweeps outfit complete with top hat and tails, cane rods, vintage bike, and of course a sooty face. Often, we are accompanied by a similarly attired street urchin, to complete the scene. We can arrive at any time to suit you, but we are normally booked to arrive at the church or other wedding venues just after the bride and groom have come out, and while all the guests are milling around wondering what is going to happen next. Our entrance is timed to surprise everyone and provide additional photo opportunities. We will gladly pose for photographs and will stay for as long as you require. Apart from bestowing luck upon the marriage, we will also present the couple with some souvenirs to further remind them of the happy day, in the form of a personalised certificate, which tells the story of the lucky sweep.

It is a long-held tradition across Europe that chimney sweeps bring good luck. Most famously, some 200 years ago King George II was riding his horse in a royal procession when without warning a stray dog began nipping the legs of the king’s horse causing it to rear up and the king to lose control. As the crowd looked on in horror, a chimney sweep came from the crowd, regained control of the horse and returned to the crowd as quickly as he had arrived. After the procession the king was unable to thank the sweep personally for his bravery, so he decreed that from that day forward all chimney sweeps are bearers of good luck and should be treated with respect. To this day chimney sweeps are still invited to attend special events to ensure good luck.