Logs & Kindling in Oxfordfordshire

Ashlogs has built its reputation on only supplying quality hardwood logs typically Ash, Beech, Sycamore and Birch and hardwood kiln dried logs.


We supply seasonded logs at less than 20% moisture content and Kiln dried at less than 15%, ideal for woodburners and open fires.

All our logs are supplied by the cubic metre in loose loads, see truck pictures below.  We take pride in delivering a full cubic meter, have a look at our 'cubic metre' page to see why that's not always the case with other suppliers!

Available log sizes are 8-10inch or 10-14inch, we can arrange for a load at a size you require but this may take longer than our 24hr guaranteed delivery.

Local delivery within 20miles is free of charge.


Overview of our products


Seasoned Logs

1m³(single load)


Seasoned Logs

2m³(double load)


Kiln Dried Logs

1m³(single load)














Kiln Dried Logs

2m³(double load)


Fire In A Bag



*NEW FOR 2016*


Kiln dried logs and kindling with a firelighter, all you need for a fire in one bag.



Kiln Dried Log Bag




Seasoned Log Bag






Kindling net bag



We're always happy to discuss our range of products and services.

Contact us on 01865 301968/07762 816 185 or use our contact form.